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Our scope here is to rattle evangelical norms that threaten Biblical norms (as well as pretend we are smarter and more "spiritual" than we actually are).



Antichrist: Literal or Figurative? And other questions: An Interview with Jason Maston

I recently had the privilege of interviewing New Testament scholar Jason Maston (Assistant Professor of Theology, Houston Baptist University) concerning the End of Time and how we should approach the apocalyptic texts of the New Testament. Enjoy! Concerning the “end of times” (eschatology)... Continue Reading →

Can Revelation be Understood? Michael J. Gorman Responds

I had the great honor of conducting an interview with respected New Testament scholar Michael J. Gorman, concerning the book of Revelation. Dr. Michael J. Gorman is an authority on Pauline literature, and is the author of Reading Revelation Responsibly. Enjoy!... Continue Reading →

Does Seminary “Work?” Paul Louis Metzger Responds

Below you will find an interview conducted with Paul Louis Metzger, PhD (professor of Christian Theology and Theology of Culture, Multnomah Seminary, Portland, Oregon), who answers my questions concerning pros and cons of Seminary. Enjoy! What is your response to... Continue Reading →

Biblical Illiteracy: What’s The Big Deal? Kevin Vanhoozer Responds

  I had the honor of conducting an interview with well-known and respected Theologian Kevin J Vanhoozer (Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical, Illinois) regarding if Biblical Illiteracy is indeed a problem in our churches. As his work has... Continue Reading →

How Should We Approach Revelation? Kenneth Gentry Responds

I recently had the honor of conducting an interview with Reformed Theologian and respected Revelation expositor Kenneth Gentry who answers my questions concerning problematic issues related to this book and its interpretation. Enjoy! What's your response to Bible-reading Christians who... Continue Reading →

Does Seminary “Work?” George Guthrie Responds

Below is an interview I conducted with respected New Testament scholar George H. Guthrie  (Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible at Union University in Jackson, TN) who among other works has a very respected commentary on Hebrews. Enjoy!   What is your response... Continue Reading →

“Was There a Literal Resurrection?” Gary Habermas Responds

Below is a very brief interaction with historian and New Testament scholar Gary Habermas (Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University) concerning the historical reliability of Jesus Christ's being raised from the dead. The is a topic which he has invested his... Continue Reading →

Does Seminary “Work?” Mark Strauss Responds

Below you'll find a brief interaction with Bible scholar Mark Strauss (Professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary, San Diego) who answers some of my questions concerning the pros and cons of Seminary. Enjoy! What is your response to those... Continue Reading →

Does Seminary “Work?” A.J. Swoboda Responds

I had the honor of asking pastor and professor A.J. Swoboda (Adjunct Professor, Portland Seminary and Fuller Theological Seminary) four questions concerning the pros and cons of Seminary. My questions are in bold followed by Swoboda's responses. Enjoy! What is... Continue Reading →

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