Overthinking Christian

Our scope here is to rattle evangelical norms that threaten Biblical norms (as well as pretend we are smarter and more "spiritual" than we actually are).


Ten Problems Plaguing Modern Christianity

Scot McKnight on The Gospel (video)

Scot McKnight shares on what the Gospel is as well as what the Gospel is not.

How Some Christians View the Bible (video)

Below you will find a video that needs to be streamed in the West in our churches, Bible studies, seminaries, ect. A video that makes me feel guilty for what I have but don't value: God's very words. Please take... Continue Reading →

Free Will: Does It Exist? (part I)

Having never read Philip Yancey before, I went on ahead and opened to a random page of his "The Jesus I Never Knew" (my father gifted me this book among many others). Yancey was briefly interacting with the one and... Continue Reading →

What’s an ‘F-Uterus’ Pin? Teen Vogue’s Article on Teen Abortion & a Teenager’s Response (Video)

Vogue recently wrote an article (slideshow? I can't tell) directed toward teens titled "What To Get A Friend Post-Abortion." Even more than the bubble-gum language used (it's a sad day when this is what our teens read) I was appalled... Continue Reading →

Kingship and Worship: A Lesson This Palm Sunday

If your churches are anything like the churches I grew up in, there will be a whole lot of palm leaves this Sunday being waved by (loud) singing children. There will be a tone of celebration and jubilee as worship... Continue Reading →

Tim Keller and the Princeton Scuffle: Questions of Intolerance

Sought-after speaker, author, and pastor Tim Keller was to be awarded the Abraham Kuyper Prize from Princeton Seminary this year when it was instead recinded. Reasons? No, it was not a sex-scandal. No, Keller didn't "fall from grace." Rather, Keller... Continue Reading →

The Prayer of Christ(ianity)

May we never forget the prayer of our Founder,¬†gleaning from its wisdom, drawing up from its strength. May we daily quiet ourselves as we pray: Our Father who art in heaven: Hallowed by Thy Name¬† Thy kingdom come, thy will... Continue Reading →

Wayne Grudem’s Log in his Eye in regards to the Trinity (in its apparent relation to Women subordination)

Wayne Grudem believes that because the Son was subordinated to the Father this reveals the subordination which women are to have in relation to men. In other words, the Father has authority over the Son, meaning there is a hierarchical... Continue Reading →

“If God isn’t anti-earth or anti-culture, then why are we?” Keith Green and Reflections on the Incarnation (Video Included)

This Christmas season I studied John 1, falling in love with John's simplistic and creative depiction of a God who becomes (hu)man. Here we encounter a God who chooses to enter our world, engaging with our "worldly" culture (at least... Continue Reading →

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